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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day.. i LOVE my DADDY alot!!!!

salam.. huhuh.. wah2! hari ni father's day.. sape celebrate?? huhuhuh... honestly, ak xclebrate pon father's day ni.. juz gave a wish to my daddy... simple.. but, i think it's meanful for him.. hehehe...

so, hargai laa bapa korang selagi dy masih ade.. pade sesape yg xbrape rapat ngn bapa korang tu, cube laa dekat2 kn diri korang ngn dy.. mybe korang xslalu spend time ngn dy.. tp skali skale kan.. ape salah nye, xsalah pon.. lagi pon, dy pon bnyk bkorban ntk kite jgak, tnpe kite sedar.. tanggung jwab bapa ni BESAR.. so, xpelik kkadang kite rase bapa kite tu jauh dari kite.. tp xsbnarnye xpon.. lagi pon, tnpe bapa kite yg mmbawa GENE (masok subjek sains jap), kite xwujud kat dunia ni...

meh aku story mory psal bapak ak jap..

ni laa bapak ak.. name nye, SETH MOHAMED.. family name, salleh.. huhhhuuhuhu.. ex-NAVY.. garang giler.. tp most thing that i love about him, he's a loving daddy actually.. sporting.. caring & easy-talk.. TAPI, ak xrapat sangat ngn bapak ak sgt.. sbb garang.. (takot bapak weh!!!!!) bile btol2 rapat ngn dy, dy OK sangat.. 

this is a piece of letter for my beloved daddy..
"mmmm... hye papa.. mungkin kite xtrlalu rapat cam pa rapat ngn akk & abg.. but, im still feel respect on u.. why i did so, bcoz i know.. since i was a little gurl, u taught me alot.. u taught how to speak in english very well.. u taught me math (sometimes).. u taught me how to love my own siblings, respect them as well i respect mom & u.. u taught me so many things that i think i may able to describe it.. for me, u r the most fierce person i ever met.. honestly, im really scared of u.. but i know why u did soo... well, as u know that im closed to my sister more than other people in our family.. but no matter what, everything that we've been through, it's really teach me alot.. maybe im the most troublemaker daughter in this family, well, i guess u're the most sporting dad i ever had!! im sorry for everything that i did to u.. without i realised , i do make u feel hurts, but i dont care.. i do ignore u sometimes, but sincerely im really sorry for everything.. & yes, i do love u so damn much..!!"

p/s : HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all father in the world, my daddy.. & HAPPY PARENT'S DAY too... ;))


  1. syg ayah sy!
    walau ape pon character ayah kite kene respect dye......syg dye

  2. btol.. stuju sgt.. xkesah cmne dy.. kne syg respek dy.. slagi dy ade kt muke bumi ni.. ;))
    be a good child for him..