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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Living With Love (Quotes)

will u happy, when im happy?
will u feel sad, when im sad?
will u cry, when im cry?
will u be by my side, when im really need u?
will u do anything for me, when im ask u too?

will u always happy, when im gone?
will u always remember me, when im no longer exists?

am i will always be in ur mind when we getting far away each other?

will u love me forever as u promise me before?


i think, i will...
because im always be in this way..

every time u feel happy, i will happy for u..
every time u feel sad, i'll feel the same away as u did..
every time u want to cry, i will cry with u..
every time u need me, im always try my best to be by ur side..
every time u want me to do anything for u, i'll try my best to make u satisfied..

im always try to make myself happy, when u walk away from me..
i will always try to be tough, even u no longer exists..
i'll try to make myself believe, that u are always by my side even u no longer with me..

i will always remember u, no matter where am i, what i did and with whom im co..

and i will always love u just like my promise to u, forever..
because u are the first ad the last for me..

i really do love more then ever..

i love u so much, Capital F..

Right-copy (created) by,
adia red

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